ABFF PLAY is a consumer facing digital content hub promoting premium Black movies and television series. The platform is an "always on" resource to major studios, networks and streaming services seeking to attract diverse subscribers and market content to targeted Black and Brown audiences. Studios have the opportunity to play trailers, host virtual screenings and feature talent interviews (live or VOD). In addition, as part of an elevated offering, partners can maintain a dedicated channel on the platform throughout the year.

There are two options available to promote your content:

Host a Studio Channel
Companies can maintain an exclusive channel on ABFF PLAY on a quarterly or annual basis. On this dedicated portal, studios have the opportunity to feature trailers, host virtual screenings and present live or video-on-demand talent interviews. Benefits include additional channel visibility and promotion, as well as marketing and social media support.

Host a Screening or Talent Interview
Companies can promote title specific content on an a la carte basis with this package, which includes visibility for up to 30 days, as well as marketing and social media support.

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